OC Nannies and Newport Domestic Agency was established in 1983 for one main reason: to meet your needs. Whether you need a nanny, housekeeper, chef or cook, personal assistant, estate manager, caregiver, chauffeur, doula, or nurse, OC Nannies is here for you.


OC Nannies has been operating for over thirty-five years, and has established itself as the most qualified domestic services agency in Southern California. We take an approach to staffing that is second to none. The candidates we choose are not our employees—we exist to help you find qualified candidates. And we choose only the most qualified candidates, so that no matter who you consider, you’ll be in good hands. We are highly selective, and utilize a 74-point qualification process, to make sure each candidate is qualified and exceptional in every way. We then match candidates to your specific criteria, to make sure you have a good fit. We take the time to find someone who is right for your needs—the way it should be.



In August of 2023 Colleen Roberts, became the new owner of OC Nannies. Having experience as a career Newborn Care Specialist and nanny as well as being an incredible mother of twins, Colleen offers a personal understanding and a unique perspective of our industry which can only strengthen our reputation.


Colleen will take the time to understand your family’s dynamics, needs and values, ensuring the perfect nanny placement that aligns with both your families’ and our own high expectations. She is supported by our team of “rock stars” who collectively have more than twenty years of experience in the nanny referral business.


Paula McCaffery

Trabuco Canyon, CA


OC Nannies and Newport Domestic Agency has distinguished itself as the best since it began operating in 1983. It is one of the simplest, most secure, and best ways to staff, period. Because of that, we’ve gotten people’s attention. Here is a list of our accolades:

  • Business Consumers Alliance (BCA) AAA rating for excellence
  • Voted by Parenting Orange County Magazine as Best Nanny/Babysitting Service for six straight years
  • Positively featured by The Wall Street Journal, Fox News Channel, OC Family, and the Orange County Register
  • The President and CEO of OC Nannies, Rocio Catano, was nominated in the Women Business Journal for her outstanding achievements in domestic staffing


Our 74-Point Qualification Process

At OC Nannies and Newport Domestic Agency, we hire only the most qualified candidates. While we work with people from all backgrounds, every applicant is subject to a 74-point qualification process. We are confident in our process, and the ability it gives us to select qualified candidates.

Out of all applicants, less than 10% pass our qualification process. It is from this pool that we choose the best candidates. We meet with every applicant individually. Only candidates who truly impress us are selected, and given the opportunity to meet with you. We select only the most qualified candidates, so that you have a great choice no matter who you interview.

Want to learn more? See our 74-point process here:

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